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Position Assessment

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Finding the right position may be the single greatest source of improvement for a cyclist. If you are not in an optimal position you are wasting energy and wasting time. By cleaning up your position we can help you realize new levels of power and comfort!

At Sterling we use a comprehensive group of measurements, calculations and an acute "eye for best fit" to reach your optimal position. We'll measure you and your bike, run some calculations (inseam, femur/tibia ratio, flexability, etc...) and then combine that with any biomechanical limitations and a visual assessment of you on the bike in order to optimize your position. We'll even do a video analysis of your riding to help you pedal better.

Position Assessments cost $75/Hour - a basic fit is 1 hour, and advanced fit is about 2 hours

Biomechanics PDF

To schedule and appointment please call or e-mail Matt at 408.891.3462