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Racing Cyclist - The burn of competition courses through your veins. Climbing, sprinting, shuffleboard, heck you've probably taken a spot of joy in whipping your grandmother at chess, or maybe you just like a bit faster group ride! Racing is in our hearts as well....let us help you reach the top step of the podium.   Triathlete - Triple the challenge, triple the fun! Our team of coaches bring innovative and event specific talents to your training program. Wether you want to improve a single area, or get "world-class" fast at each - we can help!   Recreational Athlete - You're always looking for a new challenge. Completing your first century, acing the Death Ride, or tearing up your first adventure race - whatever the goal, we'll tailor the program to meet it.
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We have a variety of programs and services to help you learn and advance in your sport.


View SampleSterling Performance Package - $650/month *($7090 pre-paid annual)
This full-blown, fully customized program that will help you reach the peak of your potential. Includes a WEEKLY ride with the coach, athlete specific weekly training program built around your annual goals, daily email/phone conversation, lots of performance and field testing, a discipline specific resistance training program, bike set-up consultation (including video analysis), on-site race support for select events, and use of a power meter system. Substantial discounts on equipment, training camps, and additional services. 6 Month Minimum. Download Application SSG Pricesheet
View SampleGold Performance Package - $350/month *($3780 pre-paid annual)
The perfect stepping stone to your goals. The Gold Package is perfect for those training with power and looking for a comprehensive experience. We'll analyze 3-5 workouts per week providing accurate and timely feedback on your training. From that we'll build workouts that maximize your development and available time. You'll talk to your coach every week via phone or e-mail and receive our comprehensive bike fit consultation and top tier discounts on equipment, camps, clinics, and additional programs services. This is the way to go if you want to get good fast! 6 Month Minimum. Download Application SSG Pricesheet
View SampleSilver Performance Package - $165/month *($1780 pre-paid annual)
This is our most popular level! If you are not quite ready for the full gas, give the Silver training program a try. Program include semi-customized monthly schedule, training notes and analysis of training, as well as weekly, rider initiated, email/phone contact, bike set up consultation and physiological testing & training camp and equipment discounts. Perfect for the highly motivated self starter who is looking for a bit more structure to their program. 6 Month Minimum. Download Application SSG Pricesheet
View SampleBronze Package - $50 Per Month
If your looking for a well designed program that you can simply plug yourself into, then the Bronze Packages may be for you. These pre-built programs may lack the fully customized workouts and personal interaction of a full coaching program, but they certainly do not lack challenge and the promise of improvement. Choose from event specific programs like a first century or triathlon, or follow an annual plan for your level. You can purchase these programs online here.
View SamplePower File Consultation - $85/hr
Work with one of cyclings premier power based coaches to review and understand your power files and create a realistic program to meet your goals. In as little as two hours Matt McNamara can review and analyze your power files from both macro and micro perspectives. Consultation can be split into individual sessions, or better yet by a 5-pack of 1-hour consultations for only $300 and use them during the season as needed. Download Application SSG Pricesheet
View SampleAnnual Training Plan - $250
This program will be customized based on a schedule you submit. it will include complete training programs standard base, preperation, and specialization phases with specific workouts recommended for each phase including resistance training and peaking elements. You will be able to get one free update of your program at any point during the season. Download Application SSG Pricesheet
View SampleTeam Sponsorship Options
Each year Sterling Sports looks forward to providing our proven coaching and team management programs to 2 or 3 teams in Northern California. In return for marketing exposure, feedback and a minimum commitment of 10 riders we will substantially discount our Gold and Silver program to all team members. Think your team might be interested? Send us an email and we'll let you know how to apply!

What The Athletes Say About Sterling Sports Group...

"The coaching and support I've received from Sterling Sports has been top notch. Matt's expertise has brought me to a new level and enabled me to finish races stronger than ever. I've progressed from struggling to finish Cat. 3 races to being a strong Cat. 2. I've also been able to have strong showings throughout the season, even in September, when in past years I would have been totally burnt by that point in the season! What a great feeling! If you're looking to take your riding up a notch without losing the fun and joy of riding a bike, Sterling Sports Group is the way to go." - John Knotts, Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club Elite Team

"Your training plans kept me motivated and riding 5X/week, a miracle for me given my work/family schedule!" - Chris Pearson, Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club

"Doug and I completed one of our long distance training rides this past Saturday. We biked 117 miles and we are both very pleased with the results of the bike fitting. My lower back did not bother me at all, which I am very surprised by! Doug is also happy because he feels improvement in his climbing while sitting." - The Aldrich's Pro Bike Fit Clients