2018 Advanced Racing School – A Clinic For FAST!

The final step in my development pipeline, this is Advanced Racing School!

This 4 hour course is all about the racing! We’ll put you behind the moto, at race speeds, practicing real World scenarios ranging from small break tactics to field sprinting. Each clinic is customized to participating teams goals and priorities and will definetly advance your skills and tactical acumen IN A RACING ENVIRONMENT.

We will practice team and individual efforts to help each rider know themselves a bit better and how to race the course to individual or team advantage. I will be out on the moto offering “race assist” pacing and real time feedback to the various scrimmage scenarios that we’ll be working through…

This clinic works best with at least 10 participants, ideally in teams of at least 3-5 riders each! Want a better experience? Partner with another club and take the clinic to a whole new level! Additional details and itinerary upon registration. Contact me with questions

Priced from $125 for individuals and $100 for teams of at least 3 riders.