Personal Metabolic Testing – Spring Specials!

You train with power, but do you train correctly?

One of the most important elements of your power based training is ACCURACY of your individual power zones, and perhaps more importantly, your recovery zones. Think of FTP as the entry point to competitiveness. You need a high FTP to stay in the race, but you need to address the full complement of metabolic systems to be truly competitive. More and more professionals and amateurs alike are embracing personal metabolic testing as the next step in the evolution of their training.

Personal  Metabolic Testing give you PERSONAL insight into your unique physiology 

So, what is metabolic testing? Traditionally, metabolic testing required a fully equipped lab with gas exchange capabilities to measure your VO2max, body compsition, etc. With powermeters and heart rate monitors we can get a good look, at the underlying physiological systems. Pair that with strong mathematical modeling, published literature and statistical analysis of athletes and you get a robust system for helping athletes dial their performance.

You’ll follow a straight forward 1-2 day testing protocol then send me the file and I’ll send you a detailed report including  VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, maximum fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and Lactate/Pyruvate balance points. This is cool stuff!

If you have more questions read the white papers and info on my site (here), drop me a line or give me a call – 408.891.3462