Sterling Performance Coaching – Level 1 “Dynamic”

Welcome To Sterling Performance Coaching!

This is known as a “dynamic” program because I can change and update the workouts along the way – it is NOT a pre-built training plan! That said it does follow a traditional progression from base building to race season and commences on November 1st of each year. The main difference is that I build each month one-at-a-time so you know you’ll get the latest coaching information and workouts.  You can join at any point in the season and you will need to re-enroll each month to continue receiving plan details and access. Enrollment is from the 1st to 6th of each month for program continuity.

Save the stress and get a discount by signing up for the full season ahead of time!

Each month you will receive a detailed write up, a daily email of your workouts, and access to your own “basic” Training Peaks online account. The plan is purpose built each month to prepare you for the 2018 Road and Criterium season. Wether you live in California, where the racing starts early, or in a more classic winter climate – the program follows a standard periodization approach (eg  Base, Build, Race periods) that is focused around a March – September event schedule.

The expectation is that you enter these workouts having done a transitional rest period and sufficient fitness preparation (on and off the bike) to handle a training load that starts immeidately in the 9 – 12 hours per week range. The plan is built for Cateogry 5 and higher athletes who use a power meter and/or HR monitor. There is an optional “premium” level for those who want full access to the Training Peaks site and the wealth of analysis tools therein for an additional $25/month through me. “Premium” also includes one personal customization per month.  I will amend up to 5 workouts in any given month to suit your needs!


Here is the training schedule:

November:    Base 1

December:    Base 2

January:        Base 3

February:      Build 1

March:          Build 2

April:             Peak/Race

May:              Race

June:             Reset/Base 3

July:              Build 1 / Race

August:         Build 2 / Race

September:   Race / Transition

Premium participants are eligible for an additional 10% discount on any other 2018 Sterling Sports Group services and calendar events including camps, clinics, fits, and my new Destination Trips!

You can enroll anytime, however the plan starts on November 1st and there is no option to pro-rate a month if you join after the first or drop out early.

Questions? Please contact me directly by email: with the header “Road Training Plan” or give me a call at 408.891.3462 to discuss.

*Apologies but individual customization by Coach Matt is not available for this program. If you would like a personally built program consider silver level coaching or above. This program is limited to 25 people per level.