Sterling Performance Coaching – Level 2 “Silver”

This is the first level of my personal coaching. It starts with a comprehensive overview of your schedule and goals, from there I custom design each months training calendar around those goals, and your progress. Then we’ll chat on the phone for 30 minutes every other week, I’ll look at all of your workouts and analyze 5 each month to help you improve faster! I’m sure you’ll want to discuss what it is you are looking give me a call at 408.891.3462 and we can discuss your unique needs!

This is a monthly program. The first month is booked thru Eventbrite and subsequent months are billed directly by me. You can pick any month to start, but most will start at a Base level of work unless you can establish via power files and training data that you are ready for the next level! 🙂

**Limited to 10 athletes!**

Level 1 Coaching is $185/mo and includes

– a free *premium* Training Peaks account

– Monthly custom training calendar

– Bi-weekly 30min phone call includes discussion and workout analysis

– 5 files per month analyzed for you

– 10% discount on other Sterling services