Sterling Performance – Personal Coaching


This is true personal coaching! It’s really Personal Training on the bike – but twice as long as a PT session! 

Like the other levels it includes an annual overview, weekly and monthly training calendars, and all the file analysis you can handle…but this one goes a step farther by adding a weekly 2 hour ride with me (within a 25mile radius of Sunnyvale, CA). Real, visceral learning is best facilitated in-person and directly – so we’ll do the intervals together, work on your skills, and generally move you up the food chain faster than the rest!

Why? Because YOU appreciate the personal attention and rapid gains that come from one-on-one work!  Why?Because I’m a very good coach with a swath of learning on offer and a love of developing the personal coaching relationship! I’m also USAC certified in both power training and skills instructing and have been a full time coach for over a decade. Why? Because you work hard and this is your outlet!

This level requires an in person conversationl to make sure we are a good fit! Let’s grab coffee! You can reach me at 408.891.3462 or via email at to schedule a time 

This is a monthly program. The first month is booked thru Eventbrite and subsequent months are billed directly by me. We will determing what training phase to start you in, but most of my new athletes start with a Base period, unless you can establish via power files and training data that you are ready for the next level! 🙂

Personal Coaching is $650/mo and includes:

– Very limited enrollment! Only 3 slots available

– Weekly two hour training ride with Coach Matt – Usually Weekday mornings, with  occassional weekend options.

– Motorpacing when you’re ready!

– Free access to my group rides

– Monthly custom training calendar

– weekly 30min phone call and summary in addition to ride time

– every workout and file analyzed for you

– a free *premium* Training Peaks account

– 10% discount on other Sterling sevents and services