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May 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 2
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Welcome! Sterling Sports Group is a Professional Coaching Company focused on cycling and endurance sports. Our aim is to provide you with relevant training and racing information, athlete profiles and perspectives from across a broad spectrum. Please read on and enjoy...

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Chris Coble
We are very pleased to announce the addition of Swim Coach Chris Coble to our staff starting May 1st. Chris brings over fifteen years of competitive swimming experience to our small and committed team. A 10 Time All American in High School, Chris went on to a four year varsity career at the University of Southern California. During his stint at USC the team consistently finished in the top 5 at the NCAA's. Chris is also a 5x National Champion in the Stroke Competition, which is a combination of technique and speed. As a Coach Chris tries to bring these elements together. In his words: "These sports we participate in are some of the hardest in the world. The amount of time put in just to be competitive and have static results is staggering. That is where coaching comes in. Specifically in swimming, the benefits that a coach with a trained and experienced eye for technique brings will help you swim faster and easier. If your focus is triathlon, the approach to the swim should be a cost/benefit analysis. What is the least amount of effort I can give to get to T1 in the fastest time? The answer is technique. It will help limit costs (energy) and reduce the time in the water. Swim technique is like finding the perfect aero- position on the bike. Once you are there then the work you put in will pay huge dividends.

A recent convert to cycling and triathlon Chris upgraded from Cat 5 to Cat 3 in one year, with wins at Snelling (5's) and Patterson Pass (4's), and is well on his way to Category 2 status this year. On the triathlon front Chris has twice been the first swimmer out of the water at Wildflower (Collegiate Division), finishing a personal best of 8th. He holds a PR of under 5:00 hours for the 1/2 Ironman. Perhaps most interesting (or disturbing) is Chris' top ranking in the volatile world of Competitive Eating! He's even been a collegiate national champ at it! Ok, he probably isn't the guy for nutritonal advice, but Chris will fill an important role as our primary liason for triathletes and swimmers looking to improve their technique, efficiency and speed.

Chad at Sea Otter
Chad Stoehr is one of the hardest working athletes on the Sterling Sports roster. Since kicking off his 2006 Campaign in October of '05, Chad has shown true professionalism and dedication to his training and development. It's a good thing too because Chad races off road in the extremely competitive Semi - Pro division. Having spent the last couple of years toying off and on with the sport, he found a new focus this fall and set some lofty goals for himself including winning a NORBA National and getting that elusive Pro License.

For 2006 Chad is racing in the Colors of Easton - Specialized - LGBRC. In addition to his off road exploits, Chad has undertaken a bit of road racing to gain fitness and upgrade to Category 2. The year started off in consistent fashion with Chad finishing top 10 in over 80% of his events! These include a 5th at Keyesville (MTB), 9th at the Sagebrush Safari (MTB) and a well deserved 3rd place finish at Copperopolis (RR). Despite these results Chad is taking a long term approach to his racing and truly views this year as one of development and learning towards even greater results in 2007 and beyond. Just 27, Chad has a bright future both on road and off.

LG at Watsonville
As the racing season gets into full swing many riders find themselves a bit lost at how to manage both high quality training and a desire for good results in races. Too often racers believe that they are behind schedule and simply ride harder during the week in an effort to "catch up" for the coming weekends racing. Depending where you are in your training cycle, this could be a real set back to your development.

Of course having the resource of a personal coach is a great way to navigate these and other perils of over-training. Your coach should help keep things in perspective, and more importantly, help keep you focused, rested and ready for the events you truly care about. Unfortunately hiring a coach isn't an option for everyone. For those interested in maximizing their training, but unable to commit to a traditional coaching relationship we have a solution. Pre Built Training Plans! Sterling offers a wide variety of plans to suit your needs and budget. Of course we offer the traditional Base, Build, and Peak plans that work for an entire season, but now we've introduced 3 - 6 week Micro Plans to help you improve a specific area or prep for a specific race! Available in either Heart Rate or Power Based formats, these workouts provide a nice change of pace if your workouts are feeling stale, or if your just looking for something new. Visit the website and take a look. We'll be continually updating what's available, or simply send us an email and let us know what you're looking for!

If you are not currently on a coaching program now is a good time to start (or restart)! We offer a variety of coaching options for athletes at every level. From the ease and simplicity of our pre built training plans to the private training sessions of our Gold and Sterling programs, each one is created with athletes in mind. In addition, If you are a member of one of our sponsored teams you'll enjoy a substantial discount as well. So do something productive for your cycling...Sign up for a Sterling Sports Group Program Today!


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