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June 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 3
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Welcome! Sterling Sports Group is a Professional Coaching Company focused on cycling and endurance sports. Our aim is to provide you with relevant training and racing information, athlete profiles and perspectives from across a broad spectrum. Please read on and enjoy...

The World Championships for deaf cyclists ended recently and what a time it was! With 6 events over 6 days there was lots of great race action, many new friends and memories, and some impressive efforts by all. Sterling Sports was lucky enough to be selected as an official partner of the event. We provided the Athlete Support Center for all the athletes at the games.

The Sterling Athlete Support Center consisted of neutral support services for all the athletes, and staff, in attendance. From a two bay mechanics area for last minute repairs (of which there were plenty), pre and post race massage, cold water, fresh fruit, and a ton of complimentary CLIF Products (many thanks to Clif for all their help), and much needed shade by way of our 60sq ft of canopy area. We'll have a full write up of the event on the Sterling website sure to check it out

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With the "true" start of summer we are very excited to announce our first events calendar! Available in easy to use PDF format, it includes training rides, important races, testing opportunitites, off the bike events of interest, and some new events like the fall ride, end of season testing, and our upcoming training camps and clinics. If you have a suggestion for a ride, camp, or clinic feel free to send us your ideas!

Of particular note are the weekly rides! Each tuesday and/or Wednesday night we lead a ride for the athletes we work with. Wether part of a sponsored team, or an athlete on your own program we encourage you to join us for a structured workout designed to push your fitness limits, increase your fun quotient, and improve your cycling. Peninsula rides meet at the new Peet's Coffee on Homestead at Foothill (near Trader Joe's), while the Fremont rides generally meet at the west end of Stevenson Bouldvard off Hwy 880. Check the schedule for more information

If you met Phil Mehlitz off the bike you might think him a typical teenager. Fun loving, quick to smile and eager to crack a joke with his friends, he's also a bit reserved and always mellow. Don't let the cool and calm demeanor fool ya, Phil Mehlitz has a deep passion for cycling and the heart of a competitor! While he fancies himself a bit of a climber (not undeservedly) he has recently found a breadth of cycling abilities that include proficiency with time trialing and sprinting. In addition he is a tireless worker for his teammates and will gladly put it all out there in an effort to help someone else reap the glory.

Though still a junior, Phil is quickly amassing a palmares to be proud of. Just a few days back he was crowned the 2006 Junior State Criterium Champion! More impressive than the win was the manner in which he did it. In his words "7 laps to go, a guy attacks and I know he's dangerous, so I just grab his wheel. He attacks for about 1k, then cracks. I look back, don't see the pack, and just put my head down and go. The first 3 laps I didn't really think I was going to make it, but then I started to believe. Head a guy tell me 12 seoncds,then 15 the next lap, 20 at the last lap. I WON man. Looks like you were right...I did have it in me!" - Great job Phil. That is a classy way to win...

LG at Watsonville
Threshold Power! Even the name sounds hard. Threshold power is traditionally defined as your maximal sustainable power for a 40Km, or 1 hour, time trial effort. Intimidated yet? Don't all fairness there is much hard work to be done, but it may be at a level that is considerably lower than you might think

Let's use a theorhetical number of 300 Watts at threshold. Using this as our base measure for a 1 hour effort try to program your intervals to fall between 88 - 93% of your LT Watts. In this case that means intervals between 240 and 280 Watts. One of my favorite workouts is to ride this effort as a steady state for an hour, then every three or four minutes throw in a 10 second sprint that is at about 200% of LT Watts (575 - 600W in this case). It's a short, intense workout that will really help you make strides quickly. Another fun variation on the traditional 20 minute power is to work on your 5 minute power. This translates roughly to your Maximal Aerobic Power (also known as VO2 Intervals). If you don't know your 5 Minute Power then go do a few 5 minute all-out intervals and see what you get. If you're not using power simply find a nice climb and go as hard as you can for five minutes, mark that spot and use it as reference for future intervals. Again, do your MAP intervals in that 88-93% rnage most of the time, and as always get plenty of recovery between intervals and between interval days. If you want it to be even simpler than that simply get one of our Sterling Sports Groups Micro-Plans! These four week blocks are built to meet a variety of training and racing goals. Check 'em out and see if one of them doesn't appeal to you!
Though summer is in full swing many athletes still use the indoor trainer to get enhanced specificity in their workouts and keep the intensity high when needed. For short, specific workouts an indoor trainer allows the athlete (and coach!) to control the effort very precisely, creating a highly efficient training tool for those on a time schedule (and these days who isn't). While your traditional magnet based trainer is an adequate tool, if you're looking to take your fitness to the next level there is no finer tool than the CompuTrainer 3D by RacerMate.

The CompuTrainer 3D brings an amazing amount of flexibility to your training. It is a Watts based programmable system. In addition it comes pre- loaded with over 100 of the worlds most interesting and challenging courses including World Road Race Championships courses, Olympic Time Trial course, the Wildflower Long Course and dozens of other triathlon and road courses to suit specific needs. Shortly we will begin offering Sterling Signature workouts on the CompuTrainer 3D. These are custom built programs tailor made to your goals and needs. Now here's the best part... As part of an agreement with RacerMate we are able to offer you a CompuTrainer 3D for 10% off between now and the end of July. That saves you over $150 on a complete system and opens a whole new realm of training to you. In addition, anyone who purchases a CompuTrainer Pro 3D through Sterling Sports will get 2 free Sterling Signature workouts, a $50 value!

If you are not currently on a coaching program now is a good time to start (or restart)! We offer a variety of coaching options for athletes at every level. From the ease and simplicity of our pre built training plans to the private training sessions of our Gold and Sterling programs, each one is created with athletes in mind. In addition, If you are a member of one of our sponsored teams you'll enjoy a substantial discount as well. So do something productive for your cycling...Sign up for a Sterling Sports Group Program Today!


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