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September 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 5
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Welcome! Sterling Sports Group is a Professional Coaching Company focused on cycling and endurance sports. Our aim is to provide you with relevant training and racing information, athlete profiles and perspectives from across a broad spectrum. Please read on and enjoy...

At long last Peninsula and South Bay's cyclists and triathletes have access to highly customized and innovative group training classes. Using the industry standard CompuTrainer Multi Rider system we are able to create group and individual workouts that are light years ahead of the local "spin class." As the first of it's kind center in the area we are excited to offer a variety of formats and classes designed to help cyclists and triathletes improve

With the Winter training season just around the corner, I know many of you will be looking to maintain and improve your base fitness in preparation for the 2007 season. The Multi- Rider system is the perfect way to accomplish your goals AND have fun doing it! The key to the Multi-Rider program is the individuality of the workout. First the Sterling coaches design workouts that target specific areas like aerobic base, muscle endurance, anaerobic capacity, or race tactics, then the CompuTrainer tailors the workout to your individual training capacity! If your Threshold Power is 320Watts and your teammate is at 250W - No Problem! We can take both of you through the same workout at the same relative workload! In addition the Multi-Rider system allows for team racing, time trials and tactical sessions...awesome!

Our first classes start the week of September 25th and run for 6-weeks. Classes typically meet twice a week and last for 75-90 minutes. Initially we are offering early morning (6:15a) on Wednesday and Friday, and early evening (6:00p) on Tuesday and Thursday We have 4 CompuTrainers and 6 regular wind trainers available. We'll be adding more CompuTrainers as soon as we can. Due to the small class size I encourage you to sign up for a class as soon as possible
Another summer is winding down and the race schedule is entering it's final throes for another year. But wait...there is more than enough racing just around the corner. That's right.....CYCLOCROSS IS COMING!!!! That beautiful fall suffer-fest, that illegitimate child of two legs and two wheels is set to make it's return to our conscious SOONER THAN YOU THINK!

Nor Cal is lucky to have one of the most vibrant CX scenes in the whole country. With top tier events like the Super Prestige and Surf City series we have nary a reason to complain (unless you like your 'cross cold, wet and which case complain away!) and nearly two dozen reasons to celebrate. This years CX Season kicks off with the venerable Central Coast and Sacramento Series in mid September. The real action starts in October with the Super Prestige Series from Pilarcitos and the Velo Bella Surf City Series - a true legend in Nor Cal 'Cross. So....Check the schedule, check your tubulars and get out there for some high quality "off" season training, racing and camraderie...

sunshine ride
For most of us in Northern California the local climbs are enough to satisfy our inner pain junkie, but not for Geri and Liza. No, they had to go all the way to Hawaii and attemp one of the hardest one day rides on the American Calendar; Climbing the Haleakala Volcano! The numbers are intimadating - over 10,000 feet of vertical, all five climate zones, and 37 miles of twisting, turning torture that culminates with a final push up a 12% grade to the summit! Ouch...

So how do you make this difficult ride even HARDER!? That's right yo do it on a TANDEM. Truth be told when they approached me about a coaching program for this challenge I was a bit intimidated. How do you optimally prepare two different people, with two different physiological strengths and weaknesses, two different schedules, and two different styles? The intimidation quickly gave way to enthusiasm for the challenge. How cool is it that they wanted to accomplish such a notable goal together and had the mutual dedication to see it through? Believe me there were some brutal training rides during the ensuing months, but they stayed focused, did their work and headed off to Hawaii ready to go.

According to Geri the ride went amazingly well. They were on a pace that kept them ahead of the time cut-off but well within their own capacity. Things were flying along until about 9000 feet! At that point the effects of high level exertion at altitude began to take their toll. Despite feeling "strong, ready and able to finish" the complete lack of oxygen at that altitude was a new experience...and not a pleasant one. For those who haven't tried to ride their bikes while hypoxic think of it as trying to do maximal effort while breathing through a straw! At that altitude O2 saturation is very low so the body simply can't get enough oxygen delivery to sustain the muscles. Normally it is recommended that an athlete acclimate for at least two weeks before attempting a major event at altitude! Ok, so they didn't make the summit this year, but I'm sure they will be back again to complete the challenge, maybe with supplemental oxygen next time, lol! Just kidding...

s bikes
Your racing season just ended and yet you're already itching to get started on next year! Well...why wait, we've got a great kick off towards your 2007 Season...our 2.5 Day Mini Camp Weekends! Over the next few months we're offering no fewer than 5 Mini Camp Weekends for those looking to take their fitness and racing acumen to a higher level next year. The first one is coming up November 17 - 19, 2006

Each camp consists of a Friday night Performance Testing session where we establish, or re-test, your Lactate Threshold. A 3-4 hour Saturday morning endurance ride followed by an afternoon planning and goal setting session and a group dinner Saturday night. Sunday finds you back on the bike for another long endurance ride in the Santa Cruz Mountains followed by an afternoon lunch and summary.

These events are Great for individual riders and PERFECT for teams looking to truly improve their camraderie, cohesion and focus on creating a team environment. Each camp includes non-invasive Lactate Threshold test, full ride support (including follow vehicle and nutrition), personal 30 minute meeting with a coach to discuss your season goals and Annual Training Plan, dinner on Saturday night and lunch after the ride on Sunday. Even with all these perks (and more as we secure them!) the camp is still only $350/person (we found similar camps that cost $700+) and we offer discounts to teams of 6 or more that sign up together. For more information please E-Mail Coach Matt at or visit the website to download the PDF file...

If you are not currently on a coaching program now is a good time to start (or restart)! We offer a variety of coaching options for athletes at every level. From the ease and simplicity of our pre built training plans to the private training sessions of our Gold and Sterling programs, each one is created with athletes in mind. In addition, If you are a member of one of our sponsored teams you'll enjoy a substantial discount as well. So do something productive for your cycling...Sign up for a Sterling Sports Group Program Today!


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