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December 2007 - Vol 2, Issue 4
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We recently completed the application and review process to become the first Ergomo Coaching Center in California, and one of only 5 in the U.S.! We are proud to be part of the elite Ergomo family of coaching centers across the globe.

The coaching centers are designed as both a resource for athletes and shops interested in learning about training with power, and as a training center to bring athletes into the world of perfromance through power based testing, biomechanics assessment, training camps, clinics and more! We are striving to be a full service performance center and Ergomo is a substantial step in that process!

As part of our start-up celebration we are offering athletes, partners, and friends of Sterling a 15% Discount on the purchase of an Ergomo Pro Power System. That means you'll be on the cutting edge of power for only $1400 ($1650 regularly). You can up the ante with an Ergomo Carbon Crank for only $300 (vs $450 retail). The crank is available in either ISIS, Campy, or ISO square taper configurations.

This special offer is only good through December 15th - so drop us a line and we'll help you get started...
SugarCRM Team Jersey
Sterling Sports Group has been selected to manage the 2008 SugarCRM Elite Cycling Team. The team will be composed of 8 - 10 Elite Level (Cat 1/2) riders and will focus on National Calendar (NRC) and esteemed regional events while also participating in the local race calendar.

The goal of the team is to offer a professional level of support and development for talented riders looking to make the jump to the next level. Over the course of the year we will hit a variety of events including the NRC races in California and across the U.S., a selection of regional stage races, Elite National Champonships and a couple of east coast swings to round things out.

As part of the start up process we selected 13 riders to attend a Selection Camp the weekend of October 27 - 28th. During this two day camp we did several rides, a couple of tests (Whee - Montebello!!!) and some rider meetings. From this we'll be announcing our final 2008 roster very soon, so stay tuned!
As Pauly Shore might say "what's your power buddy!?" Don't get left behind what is certainly the technological wonderkund of 2007 - Power Training. Nearly all of our athletes are training with power and it truly gives them an advantage when it comes to preparation. Instead of 'best guessing' your workouts effectiveness, using a power-meter gives you the opportunity to KNOW what you did and how it related to what you wanted to do!

This isn't simple hyperbole. Power is a repeatable and quantifiable measure that is worth investigating, so here's some 411 for ya:

Most often power is discussed in terms of watts, and watts at threshold, or threshold power. This is simply the maximum sustainable power that you can msustain for approximately an hour. Many of you may relate it to your Threshold heart rate and that's a good baseline for comprehension. Threshold power, like threshold heart rate is a good way to measure your effort on a ride or interval. Unlike heart rate, power is a constant while heart rate is very reactive and can be influenced by internal and external factors like temperature, hydration, or fatigue. On a given ride your true 'threhsold heart rate' maybe elevated or depressed depending on these, and other factors. A watt, however, is a watt so if we know that your threshold power is 300Watts then it allows us to create a training program that stresses you in an appropriate relative proprotion.

To take it a step further consider that while Threshold Power represents your best power for that one hour window, you have other threshold levels that correlate to different energy systems like sprint power, VO2max power and anaerobic power. IEac person has their own inherent power profile, or 'picture' of their power at different durations. This picture can be closely correlated with your abilities. If I have great sprint power chances are I can do well in sprints, if I have great VO2max power it pre-disposes me to be good at Pursuit type events, and if I have tremendous Threshold power I'll probably be a pretty good time trialist.

If this has piqued your interest check out the special offer in the Ergomo Coaching Center section above for details on how to get into power for a great price!

If you've been firing on all cylinders this year you're probably ready to take a break. So how do you effectively rest and recover from a season's worth of athletic boundary pushing while not throwing away all the fitness, power and endurance gains you've worked so hard for?

The simple answer is to skip the off season! Sure it sounds counterintuitive, but really when you think about it an "off season" is somewhat illogical. Instead of putting the bike away we propose that you simply cut back on the total volume of training, and on the volume of intensity (Zone 4+ efforts, you know the ones that hurt!).

A good rule of thumb is to cut training frequency by 20 - 30%. So if you typically work out 6 days a week you should only cut back to 4 or 5. As to duration of the workouts (volume) - that can be cut back by ~50% or so without substantial loss of submaximal ability. A final consideration is the volume of intensity - the amount of workout time you spend at high intensity. During this period training intensity should not decresae by more than 10-20% in order to maintain the positive training adaptations. So how to put it all together...

1. Decrease Training Frequency by ~20% 2. Decrease Training Volume by up to 50-60% 3. Decrease Training Intensity no more than 10-20% 4. Cross Train! Look for activities that you enjoy and get out and do them regularly! 5. Take a mental break - the pressure to "go workout" can be overwhelming. Be sure to give yourself the license to enjoy the decreased volume and intensity by making your workouts short and fun!!

If you are not currently on a coaching program now is a good time to start (or restart)! We offer a variety of coaching options for athletes at every level. From the ease and simplicity of our pre built training plans to the private training sessions of our Gold and Sterling programs, each one is created with athletes in mind. In addition, If you are a member of one of our sponsored teams you'll enjoy a substantial discount as well. So do something productive for your cycling...Sign up for a Sterling Sports Group Program Today!


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