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April 2008 - Vol 3, Issue 1
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Welcome! Sterling Sports Group is a Professional Coaching Company focused on cycling and endurance sports. Our aim is to provide you with relevant training and racing information, athlete profiles and perspectives from across a broad spectrum. Please read on and enjoy...

Sterling Sports Group is pleased to announce the release of our first Team Cycling Kit. This limited edition kit is available to Sterling Athletes, Sponsors, and Friends for a great price. We are currently taking pre-orders for the kits and anticipate having them available by July 1st. We are working with Squadra (US Distributor of Castelli) to produce the kits since the quality of the clothing is very high and the price is pretty good.

As you can see from the picture above, it'll be a great looking kit and will serve as the official team kit for the Sterling Sports Race Team for the rest of 2008. Our sponsorship and equipment agreements are not yet finalized, but we are working to get you some great deals on stuff through your affiliation with Sterling, so stay tuned!

Want to get a kit of your own? Easy...just click over to the Excel Form select your gear, send us a check or PayPal to pay for it, wait a few weeks and - Voila, your rolling in Sterling Style!

For those with sizing questions we recommend visiting a local shop like The Bicycle Outfitter to try on some Squadra/Castelli clothes. NOTE: If you are a potential sponsor and would like more information about a partnership with Sterling, give us a call - 408.891.3462 or drop me a line at !

sunshine ride
In coaching we often discuss the pedaling dynamics for an athlete and focus on how to improve them, but what does that mean, really? Pedaling Dynamics is a way of thinking about the entirety of the pedal stroke through all 360 degrees, from knee to ankle to hip, and involving all of the different motor patterns and musculature - whew!

Two of the more important, yet often overlooked, considerations to a good bike fit are the movement of the knee in the "Z Plane" and the Varus/Valgus action of the foot relative to the knee and pedal. The "Z Plane" is the term applied to the rotational movement of the knee in the anterior plane relative to the hip and ankle. A good way to think of it is the simple "figure - 8" pattern of the patella during a pedal stroke. The smaller and straighter we can make this movement (or completely eliminate it!) the more efficient the energy transfer. Evaluate the athlete from a relative baseline since some people will have a naturally 'bigger' figure 8 pattern to begin with, even in a neutral position

To read the whole article in PDF format simply click the link below...

racing baby!
Matt Ider, our vaunted associate coach in the Sacramento area, has put together a great selection of clinics and rides this summer. He'll be offering our Climbing & Descending Clinic, a Time Trial Clinic and a cool new class on bike fit

The Bike Fit Clinic is a really cool premise. The class will be both a chance to get your bike fit dialed, and really learn what makes a good fit. Participants will learn how we measure all the different elements of both the bike and rider, and then how to sync them up into an optimal position for comfort and efficiency.

This Sumers Schedule for the Sacramento Delta is: Mat 25th - Time Trial Camp (just a few weeks before District TT!) June 15th - Climbing & Descending Clinic July 12th - Bike Fit Clinic September 13-14 - Cyclocross Camp

In addition to the clinics above, Matt will be leading a series of bi-weekly training rides that are free to join! Simply e-mail Matt at: and let him know you're interested. He'll send you all the details (time, route, etc). Here is the brief schedule; Climbing Intervals: May 8, June 5, July 10, July 24th Sprint Intervals: May 22, June 19, July 17ty, July 31st Cyclocross Trail Rides: September 11th, 20th, and 25th, October 9th and 23rd (don't worry we'll remind you about the CX stuff later!

You can sign up for any or all of these through our online system by clicking the link below or visitng us at

In March we asked you to take our online survey to help us plan our new race team. The survey set out to determine both the interest level in a Sterling Race Team (Squadra Genuino in Italian!) and what elements of that team were most important. Oh yea, and we wanted to get an idea of how many cycling kits we should order for the first ever Sterling Kit.We've put together a short overview of the answers below:

Interest in the new team proved to be pretty high. Of those surveyed fully 85% would join either the club or race teams (with 28% joining BOTH!). We also had 55% of you that were interested in purchasing and wearing the Sterling Kit this year, even if you already had a team.

So the next question was what elements of a team are most important to you? The areas with highest value to respondents included a coaching program (85% ranked as Very Important or Important), structured team rides ((84,.2% VI / I), team camraderie (80% VI / I), race support (75% VI / I), team events, trips etc (68%), access to pro deals (65%) or free equipment (55%). Of slightly less importance were things like access to riding partners (52.6%), casual group rides (50%) and paid entry fees (47.6%). (47.6%).

Individually respondents are looking for the program to help them most with individual race tactics and mental skills training (62% ranked as essential for each). These were closely followed by team race tactics (57% essential) and creation of a training program for physiological development (55%). 45% and 40% respectively wanted to work on bike handling skills and pack riding. Of considerable note was the desire of over 90% of you to have access to team equipment like power meters, TT wheels and bikes, and travel cases. Clearly that is an area where team dues and dollars can be effectively allocated!

Thanks to all those that took the time to respond and give their advice, thoughts, and ideas. We will be incorporating these responses into our team charter and planning. If you have any questions, drop me a line -

If you are not currently on a coaching program now is a good time to start (or restart)! We offer a variety of coaching options for athletes at every level. From the ease and simplicity of our pre built training plans to the private training sessions of our Gold and Sterling programs, each one is created with athletes in mind. In addition, If you are a member of one of our sponsored teams you'll enjoy a substantial discount as well. So do something productive for your cycling...Sign up for a Sterling Sports Group Program Today!


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