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Performance Center

Welcome to the Performance Center. Too often athletes rely on anecdotal measures and self-reporting to determine their training load and intensity. Modern athletes know that improvement is as much a function of assessment and implementation as desire. Once the purview of professionals and academics our performance center allows you to enjoy comprehensive testing and biomechanics services so you can have the right information to train effectively.

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Sterling Sports is excited to offer a variety of Testing and Assessment options for athletes. Whether you choose the non-invasive Lactate Threshold Test (no blood samples taken), the Invasive Lactate Test (blood samples taken using the Lactate Pro System), the Lactate Test with Power (blood sampling combined with Compu-Trainer Power protocol), a Power Profile Test (use out Power Tap System for a 2-day protocol), or the VO2Max test using the New leaf System, rest assured that you will receive a top-notch test and first-rate feedback for your investment. Please contact Matt directly to schedule any of our tests and allow at least 10 days notice to schedule, prep and complete the test.
Finding the right position may be the single greatest source of improvement for a cyclist. If you are not in an optimal position you are wasting energy and wasting time. By cleaning up your position we can help you realize new levels of power and comfort!
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We are building our e-commerce site to give you access to leading edge performance equipment like the Ergomo Pro system, CompuTrainer's, Wheels, Frames, and more. Sterling athletes and teams will get special pricing and benefits to boot! This site should be operational in a few weeks.

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