November 2020

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The Run To Thanksgiving

November came quick! The run to Thanksgiving and Christmas will likley come quicker! These weeks are ususally condensed as much by “things to do” as by the marketing and hype machines that push ever earlier for our expected embrace of the giving season.

This one is probably gonna be different. Doesn’t have to mean bad, just different. With COVID’s rapid return to a long discussed winter surge the desire to just push it all away, to be done with 2020 and it’s maladies, grows stronger at each intrusion and yet we must embrace the challenge to be our best representatives of our community, our country, and our species by making good choices that serve well being.

Fortunately, even with a concerted effort at doing good ,there is still plenty of ways to engage with the fun as well! To get started on the path, let’s outline some approaches, maybe one of ’em will resonate…

  • Pick Up A Pre- Holiday Challenge! I have athletes taking on any number of “fun” fall projects like a 300W avg power century, a solo version of the Belgian Waffle Ride, various climbing challenges, and of course some Zwift racing too!
  • Focus! Pick something you are not particularly good at. Fast pedaling, slow pedaling, long rides, high IF training rides, anaerobic development, aerobic development – whatever it is, pick it and give it 6 weeks of attention! Maybe you want to ride all the roads in Zwift? Great, six weeks sounds ambitious, but a great project if you’re focused and have the time! Don’t pick something outlandish and well beyong your time, attention, of prowess – it’s not a “born to fail” knda challenge!
  • Let someone else focus for you! Pre built training plans get a bit of a hard time! I know, I’m often on the doling out side – but pre built training plans ARE great for getting you out of the rut of self coached training. Most coaches are like me, always ready to mix something new into the program in the quest for an epiphany. I can say that each program available in the store is a labor of love and critical thinking. There is not one Base 1 program, there are myriad Base 1 programs – where we make the goals is teh embrace of the work that gets us there.