October 2023

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I’m very excited for our FALL INSCYD Testing window! Let’s take your performance to a new level!

If you’re reading this you probably familiar with terms like VO2max, FTP, Watts, Lactic Acid/Lactate, etc – they get a lot of press in cycling, each having their moments in the sun over the last 25 years…the game of cycling is picking the right projects to work on and the best way to improve them!

If we look at your Metabolic Profile, the overview of all relevant systems in cycling performance, we can find strengths and weaknesses – but more importantly, track their ebb and flow during the season as a way to fine tune performance and move you one step closer to your best…

INSCYD has been around for awhile. I first spoke with Sebastian Webber about five years ago when they were coming to market and in the years since they’ve only gotten better at helping riders truly “see” themselves via their metabolic profile. Want yours? Easy, sign up and I’ll send you the testing protocol and parameters; you do the tests, a series of 4 timed efforts from 20 seconds to 12 minutes, send me your power files and other protocol information requested (Body wt/Body water etc) and I’ll send your report back and schedule a free 30min ZOOM walk thru to make sense of it all.


What’s Included? You’ll get a complete look at your performance capabilities including VO2max, FATmax, Functional Threshold Power, Glycolytic power and target zones for your best efforts. You can read more about INSCYD testing here